Lip Blush

enhance your pout

Add symmetry & volume up to 40%
Enhance shape
Natural tint
Skin rejuvenating
Scar camouflaging

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perfect Brows

customized for you

Powder Brows
Soft shading technique that gives brows definition with a powdery finish

Brow Lift

Lifts brows and sets them into place

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Tattoo Removal

Ink, Bye!

Our Laser
FDA approved Candela PicoWay Laser
Highly effective on resistant red & black ink
Short picosecond pulses of energy to tissue
Least painful laser removal process

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Learn Skills from the team

We love sharing our passion with you! Want to make Lip Blush your career?

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Founder Savannah Kondratyev combines 12 years in the beauty industry with her expertise in cosmetic tattooing, and education to bring NYC the best in natural beauty enhancements. Savannah is known for her exceptional skills in Lip Blush tattooing.

Creator of Lip Blush Men, re inventor of Ombre Liner Lips, with a huge portfolio of color transformations, Savannah is an innovator in the industry. Using her vast knowledge of skin care, and gentle tattooing methods, Savannah can make brow goals a dream come true for all skin types using Powder Brow techniques.

Savannah is a licensed Tattoo artist, and Cosmetologist, also carrying certifications in Laser Tattoo Removal and Education. Savannah offers 1:1 training to help other artists master their techniques in the field.


Co- Founder Mikhail Kondratyev, owner of First Class Tattoos, and expert technician in laser tattoo removal. Not only does Mikhail have a remarkable portfolio of advanced color tattooing, but Mikhail is a known leader in the NYC tattoo industry.

With his strong knowledge in skin, tattoo removal comes naturally to Mikhail. Mikhail uses his knowledge to achieve fast and efficient results for each client. With his understanding in the best methods for cover up tattooing, Mikhail guides clients into making the best choices in lightening tattoos for future new ink.

Wether you are lightening a tattoo for a cover up or seeking a complete removal, Mikhail can help you achieve your desired results.


Michele has been managing at First Class Tattoos for over 2 years.

With an extensive knowledge in the tattoo industry and certified training in laser tattoo removal she is here to help you achieve the best results with your treatments at First Class Cosmetics.

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