Lash Line

Soft eyeliner tattoo


  • $400-$499


  • Mild



  • 2-3 years

Heal Time

  • 7-10 days
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Eyeliner tattoo is the most fabulous way to enhance your eyes and get that daily alluring look! Are you tired of trying to get your wings to match? Sick of spending loads of time every morning to get it right? Well now with permanent eyeliner you don't have to. No matter what your go to eyeliner style is, we have eyeliner permanent makeup that will keep you on point without smudges!

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Lash Line Enhancement

Lash line enhancement is fit to look amazing on literally anyone! This soft style liner is placed only in the areas where the lashes grow. A petite liner designed to make your eyes stand out and give the illusion of having a fuller set of eye lashes. This version of semi permanent eyeliner cosmetic tattoo is very natural looking, and will age with perfect grace. Thickness and color can be customized to meet the needs of each client.

Soft Wing Eyeliner Tattoo

Do you wear  wing eyeliner eyeliner makeup everyday? This is definitely for you! Our cosmetic tattoo specialists are here to give you the best possible wing eyeliner! We all know the struggle of our morning routine and trying to get the wings of our eyeliner to both match and have the correct amount of lift for our eye shape. This style can be done more natural looking or bold. This process can be tedious! Never run late again! Let us create the perfect waterproof permanent eyeliner for you and you can live a much easier life!

Soft Wing Eyeliner Tattoo With Powder Shading

This look and style is for those who are no stranger to a heavier daily makeup look. This style will give you the perfect cat eye you've been dreaming of. If you wear makeup daily and are tired of getting that perfect smokey eyeliner look, this eyeliner tattoo style is for you! This tends to have a little more of a thicker look to the wing and will require more touch ups over time. Eyeliner tattoo is the best way to get the look you desire everyday without the drama! Giving you a subtle shaded pencil look that will accentuate and correct the natural shape of the eyes, and give the appearance of uplifted eyes. Different result can be achieved depending on client's needs. Whatever eyeliner style you desire we are here to help create!

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I know what you are thinking, eyeliner tattoo, ouch!! This procedure is surprisingly not painful! On a scale of 1-10 most would rate it a 3. We do also use a numbing agent through the tattoo which keeps our clients very comfortable.

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  • Lash Line Enhancement - 400$
  • Soft Wing Eyeliner Tattoo- 450$
  • Soft Wing Eyeliner Tattoo With Powder Shading - 499$
  • 150$ deposit required to book
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Heal time will take about 7 days. First the color will look very dark. You will then notice the skin that has been tattooed will form a scab. This scab will become very dry, and flakey. Do not pick the scabs allow the eyeliner tattoo to shed on its own. If some of the skin that is going through the shedding process lands in your lashes you may remove it. After the scab flakes off you will be left with a gorgeous eyeliner tattoo!

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  • Do not wear contacts to the eyeliner tattoo appointment
  • No lash extensions / false lashes can be worn the appointment or until after the eyeliner tattoo has healed.
  • Do not wear mascara to the eyeliner tattoo appointment.
  • No lash growth serums until after the permanent eyeliner has healed.

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  • No lash extensions / false lashes can be worn the appointment or until after the permanent eyeliner has healed.
  • No lash growth serums until after the permanent eyeliner has healed.
  • No rubbing the eyes until eyeliner tattoo has healed.
  • Do not pick the scabs as they are shedding

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Lip Neutralization

Balance & Brighten Unwanted Dark Pigmentation





Heal Time

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This process will require some patience. Each Session is created 6-8 weeks apart as it will take this long to see the benefits from the previous session tattooed. On the first day immediately after having the lips tattooed you will experience some swelling. This is completely normal, and the swelling will subside in 24 hours. On the first day your lip blushing will appear very bright in color. This will fade about 50 percent lighter once the lips have healed. The color will heal soft and subtle. Lip blushing is meant to be a natural lip color for your lips. Lip Blushing is no meant to give you a lipstick look once healed. On day 2 after receiving lip blushing you will notice the color will appear a bit darker. This is because you are now forming a scab, you will also notice your swelling has subsided. On Day 3-4 your lips will become very dry and flakey. As the skin flakes away you will see the shade change and the color soften to a more subtle tone. Days 5-7  the lips will be a bit dry as the skin rebuilds itself.  After week one the skin will be healed but you will still need to go through the color development phases. This will take a full 6-8 weeks to develop. During these phases your lips can look darker than the starting point, like nothing happened at all, or patchy and uneven color all the way up until the 6-8 week mark. This is normal and nothing to panic about. This is simply your body responding to being tattooed. Once the color is fully developed at the 6-8 week mark you will see the benefits of the tattoo session and can layer more as needed. After the first week of healing you may use lipstick or gloss to hide the transitioning stages if you wish. Its a journey but it’s always worth the wait!

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• Please take a break from vitamin c serums, retinoids, and glycolic treatments,  around the mouth area at least 2 weeks before your session and 2 weeks after for best healed lip blushing results.

• Do not drink alcohol or take blood thinning medication 24 hrs before appointment

• No Caffeine 24 hrs before your lip blushing tattoo, this will cause you to bleed and brush during the process.

• Please wait 1 month after lip blush to receive fillers. (or 1 month prior)

• If you suffer from cold sores (even just once ever in your whole life) you must take an anti-viral medication (like Valtrex) 2-3 days before, and 3-5 days after having your lips tattooed as directed by your doctor. We are tattoo artists, we are not doctors, we cannot prescribe you anti-viral medication. This is something that must be obtained by your doctor. This issue is extremely common, about 90% of the population suffers from them. They can be caught from something as simple as sharing a drink, even if the person you are sharing a drink with have no apparent blisters. Lip Blushing does not cause cold sores, however, the injury to the lip tissue from being tattooed can cause an outbreak if the virus already lives dormant in your body. An outbreak can damage your lip blushing results, so when in doubt, reach out to your MD and get an anti-viral before your appointment. If you know for sure you are not someone who gets cold sores you can skip this step and count yourself as lucky!

• Please wait 1 year after using Acutane to receive lip blushing

• Botox should be done 2 weeks before the tattoo appointment or 2 weeks after lips are completely healed from lip blushing tattoos. 

• Exfoliate & moisturize lips 24 hours before your appointment -this preps lips to be tattooed. Healthy skin = beautiful healed results

• Laser Treatments must be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after Lip Blush Tattoo

• Do not smoke weed before your permanent makeup appointment. This will cause unnecessary sensitivity and possibly paranoia.

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• DAY 1: Your body will produce lymphatic fluid (a yellow-ish clear fluid), this is what your body produces when it Is healing to form a scab, use sterile water wipes  given to you after the lip blushing process to remove this fluid 1-2 hours after procedure. Allow lips to settle and dry a bit. Then apply a very thin layer of a&d ointment/ aquaphor/ coconut oil to the lips periodically. Lips will be sensitive on this day. Avoid food that is too hot/too cold or too spicy/ too citrus. 

• DAY 2: Continue to moisturize with a&d ointment/aquaphor/coconut oil periodically. Swelling will be minimal to none at this point

• DAYS 3-4: Lips will become dry and flaky. DO NOT pick or exfoliate the lips. Allow the skin to shed on its own. Keep moisturized

• DAYS 5-7: old skin will begin to flake off and soft tone will be revealed. Keep moisturized.


• No pools or saunas during the healing process

• Please take a break from vitamin c serums, retinoids, and glycolic treatments, at least 2 weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks after around the mouth area for best healed results

• Botox should be done 2 weeks prior to tattoo appointment or 2 weeks after lips are completely healed from lip blushing

• Laser Treatments must be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after Lip Blushing

• No cosmetics on the lips for 7 days, once skin is completely healed. Just moisturize!

• SPF is your BFF! No sun exposure for 7 days, and remember to continue to use SPF to elongate the lifespan of your tattoo when you encounter any sun exposure whatsoever forever!

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I am in absolute LOVE with my lash line enhancement! It's so soft and subtle, just makes my eyes stand out more. I feel like I can walk my dog every morning without makeup in confidence thanks to this service, powder brows, and lip blush!


I had my liner retouched at FCC and I've never been happier. Zhanna was so gentle and was able to tattoo my liner best out of any artist I've ever had. I am in love and amazed!


Zhanna at FCC absolutely nailed my powder liner. Flock! Now! Get your face tattooed!


"First Class Cosmetics offers exceptional service, and Michelle is very patient and skilled in what she does. She makes this experience as pleasant as it can possibly get. I'd highly recommend First Class Cosmetics for any of your skin care treatments."


How often should I refresh my lash line tattoo?
An annual refresh is always great to keep your tattoo on point and from fading away. Of course every persons body chemistry is different and some may wait up to 2 years before refreshing the tattoo.
How painful are liner tattoos?
They are actually extremely mild and easy to deal with. Most would rate the pain as a 3 max on a scale of 1-10.
What is healing like when it comes to eyeliner tattoos?
Its actually the easiest healing ever when it comes to cosmetic tattoos. You just can't wear cosmetics on your eyes for 7-10 days. The new tattooed liner will scab and flake off naturally, revealing a perfect lash enhancement.
What should I avoid on the day of my visit?
Be sure not to be wearing false eye lashes, makeup, or contact lenses on the day you come in for your lash line tattoo.
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Booking Policy

Each deposit is for one date and time only and is non refundable or non transferrable between dates and times.

COVID- Sadly Covid is still apart of our daily life. If you need to cancel your eyeliner tattoo due to either being in contact with someone whom has Covid, or if you are ill yourself, you must send us a photo of your doctor visit paper work stating that you either have covid or had reason to be tested to be excused and transfer your deposit to the next available eyeliner tattoo date.

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