Tooth Gems

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  • $50-$100+


  • 30-40min


  • 0/10

Heal Time

  • 2mo-1yr
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Easily one of the hottest trends to hit NYC! Clients adore these fun and amazing gems! Such a great way to add even more sparkle to your smile!

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The tooth gem process is a fairly simple one. A lot of clients google various designs and come in with creative content inspo for their teeth. You will choose which tooth or teeth you'd like to wear the gem on. Our technician is great at sizing teeth and can advise you on what may look the best for you teeth. The tooth is dried, and dental adhesive gel is applied. Your technician will then place the gem on site and once you take the final look and approve of its location your tech will then cure the gems with a dental UV light to set it in its final place. Next is our favorite part! Showing off that twinkle! We love capturing photos of our clients. Our best content is of clients taking amazing selfies, showing off their new gems!

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Zero pain! Zero tooth sensitivity!

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  • Swarovski Crystal Single Gem - 50$
  • 14 kt. Gold Tooth Gem - 100$
  • Specialty Teeth Designs (Disco Ball Tooth, Frame, Butterfly etc) - Start at 100$ ++
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What to Expect

There is really no limit to how many gems you can get. The gem is bonded by a dental adhesive gel and will allow for you gem to last for a semi permanent time period. After some wear the gem will fall off on its own from the tooth. If the back of the gem is still intact after falling off or if there is glue left, regular brushing is recommended, or you may simply pick it off. You may also visit a dental office to remove the gem if you like.

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Come in with clean teeth, the less plaque on your teeth the better the gems will adhere.

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In general a tooth gem should last anywhere from a time period of 2 months to a year. Your lifestyle will impact how long the gem will last. Things like aggressively brushing, eating sticky food, will ear the tooth gem off sooner. To get the most out of your tooth gem experience, be mindful of and chew carefully. The more delicate you are the longer they will last.

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I love how knowledgeable the technician is and my friends are all obsessed with my new tooth bling!


I have been wanting a tooth gem forever and this is by far the place to go to get one!


Ali is amazing, I am in love with my tooth gems and teeth whitening!!


"First Class Cosmetics offers exceptional service, and Michelle is very patient and skilled in what she does. She makes this experience as pleasant as it can possibly get. I'd highly recommend First Class Cosmetics for any of your skin care treatments."


How can I make my tooth gems last longer?
Having a tooth gem is similar to having braces. If you eat a lot of sticky candy or bite into hard bread etc. you will most likely pop your tooth gem off. Be mindful of your tooth gem and it will be long lasting.
How can I make sure I get the best bond between my tooth and the gem?
Come with freshly brushed, clean teeth. This allows your gem to adhere to your teeth seamlessly.
How do I remove a tooth gem?
You can remove a tooth gem by visiting your dentist, or simply wait until it falls off on its own. If there is a thing layer of glue left behind, normal brushing will brush away the bonding agent.
Payment methods?
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Booking Policy

First Class Cosmetics is not responsible for your dental history before or after receiving the tooth gem service with us.

If your gem falls off, save it! We allow a complimentary one time re bond of the same gem. After the re bond prices will return to  initial gem services. If you loose your gem, you will need to purchase a new gem.

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